International Development Information Organization Releases GCAI Index

Publication time:2019-10-12        source: Propaganda Department

The world's three major stock indices have all set new records in recent years. Among them, the S&P 500 index has broken through 3000 integer points, reaching a maximum of 3017.8 points. Even J.P. Morgan raised the annual S&P 500 index forecast for 2019 from 3,000 to 3,200.

According to CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg and other financial commentaries, this may be related to the fact that most officials of the Federal Reserve are more supportive of monetary easing and have high expectations for interest rate cuts.

Nowadays, the profitability of traditional asset allocation tools such as stock market, real estate market and bond market is not as good as before. What is the "core asset" with investment value under the expectation of monetary easing policy?

Let the construction of open data highway bring 7 billion people into a new era of intelligence.

The GCAI index is designed to track the performance of the world's largest and most liquid digital asset market. The GCAI index is a market value weighted measure of the performance of digital assets in a variety of transactions, including BTC, Ethereum, Ripple and so on. The components of the GCAI index are diverse in different types of data assets, including value storage, exchange media, smart contract agreements and privacy assets. The establishment of GCAI index marks an important step in the development of data asset space, providing investors with diversified investment opportunities, and also providing investors with independent standard index.

The GCAI index has brought unprecedented transparency to the data asset market. Mainstream data asset investors are happy to be able to create the GCAI index to promote a change in strengthening industry self-discipline, promoting currency stability, increasing retail investors'weights and maintaining and increasing investment value.all_1.jpg

At present, GCAI index bank function is added to its platform, aiming at strategically judging, quantifying hedging, evaluating the factors such as developer activities and transaction data, etc. for mainstream data currency, mainstream digital assets and mainstream platform currency.

The GCAI index will be the most comprehensive data asset product in the market. It covers the top 200 digital assets and more than 90% global digital assets. The GCAI index will promote the accessibility of digital asset data and the substantial significance of stabilizing currency prices in a more understandable way.

Pricing data for the GCAI index are provided by Global Crypto Digital Assets Guild and Global Crypto Assets Institute (

It is understood that the GCAI index has worked with Global Crypto Assets Application Co., Limited, a Hong Kong-based financial index provider, to jointly calculate and manage the GCAI index and to adjust its weight in real time according to market conditions. Price data will be provided by Global Crypto Assets and Applied Research Institutions.

Whether the market is bull or bear, investors'demand for financial services of data assets exists, but different portfolios of data assets are adopted in different periods. The GCAI index strategy provides a passive and diversified exposure to the growth of the data asset market.